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Egypt: When to Go

The best time to visit Egypt depends on where you’d like to go. Generally speaking, winter from December through February is the tourist high season and summer from June through August is the low season in all parts of the country with the exception of the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts. During the shoulder seasons of fall and spring, temperatures and prices are moderate.

The winter high season is chilly in most of Egypt, except in the south, which experiences pleasantly mild temperatures. The low-season summer brings uncomfortable heat from June through August anywhere south of Cairo, particularly in Luxor and Aswan. Most Egyptians take their vacations during these months to escape the heat.

On the coasts, winter is the low season with cool temperatures, strong winds and frequent rains. During the high-season summer, the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts enjoy moderate warmth ideal for sunning on the beaches. Egyptian schools let out for the summer holidays, and many locals flock to the beaches at this time.

Most of Egypt’s religious and state holidays will not disrupt travel plans with the exception of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting: Many cafes and restaurants close during daylight hours, and bars shut down completely for the month. Businesses also operate at reduced hours, though most general services -- such as currency exchange offices and major tourist sites -- operate as normal.

Travelers should note that Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7.